Activity profile between winners and losers in Silat Olahraga Women Category Class C 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to identify the performance indicator between winning and losing in Silat. There are three selected match from women categories Class C which are first match Indonesia versus Singapore, second match Indonesia versus Philippines, and last match Vietnam versus Indonesia. The data analysis collected from 28th SEA Games Singapore 2015. Besides that, there is 14 indicators that have been analyses, but only four indicator were been for the discussion. The four important indicator were been discuss such as, punch, kick, sweep and topple. The notational analysis was used to record the all outcomes such as hit target, hit elsewhere and miss opponent indicators. The result show, Indonesia had won in two match in quarter final and semi final women Class C.
Introduction: Silat is a form of martial art and the type of self-defense that originated from Asian. It is called as a tradition practiced in Southern Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Philippines and…